Your garage should be a clean and usable space. However, if your garage is packed with clutter and you’re unable to find what you’re looking for, it can’t serve its purpose. You’ll save time and reduce frustration when you use this guide to organize your garage.

Schedule Time and Assistance to Organize Your Garage

Cleaning and organizing the garage is a monumental task. Schedule enough time to complete the job. It is likely to take multiple days, so you might set aside an entire weekend. Recruit friends and family members to help. Treat them to a backyard barbeque or pizza party to celebrate after the job is done.

Gather the Right Supplies

Before you organize your garage, gather the supplies you’ll need. You can use boxes, baskets, and trash bags to put items that you sort through. Use a cardboard box or a plastic bin to hold things you will donate. Charities and thrift stores accept clothing and household items in good condition. Use a recycling bin for recyclable items like empty glass jars and plastics. Have trash bags on hand for garbage. If you have a lot of trash in the garage, rent a dumpster during the cleaning process.

Group Contents Into Categories to Organize Your Garage

Use boxes to group like-items together. This step helps you focus on one category at a time. Possible categories include seasonal items, camping equipment, tools, hobby supplies, and gardening equipment. You may come across items that could be stored elsewhere or in some other way. Your luggage may fit in the attic and can be moved out of the garage. Unused paint could be poured into smaller containers to save space. Small tools can be hung on a pegboard.

Get Creative With Storage Ideas

After all of your items are placed in their designated bins, take out the trash and move the donation box to your car. Clean and sweep the garage floor before you start putting everything in its place. Store tools and hobby supplies near the workbench. Seasonal decor can be stored on a high-up shelf since it isn’t used very often.

Take inventory of what needs to be organized to better understand what type of storage you need. Clear plastic storage containers are a good choice because it is easy to see what’s inside them. Wire grids and wall-mounted pegboards are great ways to make use of vertical space. Small items like nails, bolts, and screws can be stored in empty coffee cans.

With a bit of work, your garage will be organized and functional. Encourage family members to keep it clean by promptly returning items to their designated locations. A well-organized garage provides more usable space so you can park your cars and fit much more.

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