If you want to complete some home improvement projects that can also add value to your home, there are many worthwhile options to consider. Some are complicated, while others can be completed on your own with simple tools. The following popular choices are some of the best projects that add home value.

Projects That Add Home Value: Install Crown Molding

One relatively easy project to improve the character of your home is the addition of crown molding. Crown molding is typically found in most home improvement and hardware stores and can often be cut in-store to the sizes you need. To install, simply use a nailgun and the appropriate trim nails to affix the molding along the walls. Foam crown molding is available for even easier DIY installation.

Update Fixtures

Projects that add value include updating old fixtures. This applies to all types of fixtures: plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, and even cabinet hardware. Many of these fixtures can be easily installed by following their manufacturer installation guides. Otherwise, hire a local plumber or electrical contractor to knock out your list.

Take Advantage of Hardwood

Despite hardwood flooring’s great appeal and value throughout the housing markets, many don’t fully use this home feature to its fullest potential. Installing new hardwood is a pricey option, but for those who already have hardwood floors, uncovering and restoring it can add to your current home value. Restoration or refinishing of hardwood floors typically involves a multi-step process that includes prep, sanding, cleaning, staining, and a final protective coat application. The experts at Realtor.com say that finishing your hardwood floors can boost home value by 2.5%.

Painting Projects That Add Home Value

A fresh coat of paint is another way to add home value. If you are confident with your current paint scheme and colors, simply repaint it to make it look clean and new. Many homeowners, however, enjoy the opportunity to try out new color schemes and come up with something even better than what was there before. In either case, DIY painting saves money on contractors.

Freshen Up Your Curb Appeal

Finally, your home’s entry area is a major focal point. Take advantage of this by completing a makeover to that area. Paint your front door, add some new landscaping, update your light fixtures, and add some spotlights to feature larger bushes or trees.

Completing a few of these projects that add value is easy to accomplish over a few weekends.

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