Pay attention to maintenance needs in your home and take time to make any necessary repairs. Finding issues and defects early could save a lot of money down the road. Look for these small signs of major household problems.

A Door that Won’t Close Properly

If you notice a door won’t close or becomes difficult to open or close, this can be a sign of a structural shift in your house. It may be due to normal settling or it could be a more significant foundation issue. Have the home inspected so you can understand what type of problem you’re facing.

A Weird Odor Coming from an Outlet

A smoky or plastic smell coming from a power outlet is a sign of a problem. This often means that the protective coating on the wiring is starting to melt. Unplug anything that’s drawing power from that outlet, turn off the power to that area, and call your electrician. He or she can troubleshoot the issue and make repairs.

Tiny Holes in the Walls are Small Signs of Major Household Problems

Tiny holes in any wood or drywall may indicate a termite infestation. Termites chew through wood and leave small holes as they do their work. Termite damage can eventually lead to thousands of dollars in structural repairs. Look for discarded wings, mud tubes, and termite droppings near the holes. Call for a pest inspector to determine if you’re dealing with termites or other wood-destroying insects and make a plan to exterminate them.

Sloping Floors

It can be easy to miss a sloped floor if it’s minor. However, this can mean your home has broken or rotting floor joists. Call a structural engineer who can assess the situation and offer solutions to the problem.

Small Signs That Your House Has a Big Problem: Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are another potential wiring problem. Check to see if a light fixture has a loose bulb. If that’s not the issue, then your electrical system may have loose or damaged wiring. Rodents can chew wires, often leading to electrical problems. Another cause could be the house doesn’t have adequate wiring to handle the amount of electricity that you’re using. Hire an electrician to review your wiring and make recommendations.

Slow Drainage is One of the Signs of Major Household Problems

You may need to snake the drain if a shower or sink drain slows down or regularly clogs. However, it’s a sign of a problem if it’s happening with drains throughout the house. You might have a clogged sewer line or other problems in the pipes. Call a plumber to investigate.

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