Caring for your lawn during the winter doesn’t require much work. Without proper winter lawn care, springtime may reveal a lackluster, dull, and unhealthy lawn. Use these tips to help the lawn maintain its good health throughout the winter.

Adjust the Watering Schedule

Depending on where you live, the lawn may not need to be watered at all during the winter. In warmer climates, reduce the frequency of watering. In cooler climate zones, stop watering until spring.

Don’t Worry About Snow Removal for Winter Lawn Care

Snow may be the best part of winter. It’s fine to leave it on the lawn so the kids can enjoy sledding and building snowmen. Your lawn benefits from snow because it provides an insulating blanket that protects the grass from the crisp, cold winter air.

Snow Melt

It’s common to use snow melt or salt on the porch, driveway, sidewalk, and other well-traveled areas of the property. This can damage the lawn because the product contains sodium chloride. Don’t put these products on the lawn.

Clean the Lawn

Cleaning up your lawn is one of the easiest winter lawn care tips you can use to maintain the health of the grass. Clear out leaves, weeds, toys, and other debris that accumulated over the summer and fall. These items smother the grass, causing it to become damaged and turn brown.

Tread Lightly

Cold weather affects the temperatures of the air and the soil. The grass is far more vulnerable to damage when it is cold or if there is frost on the ground. Walk on the sidewalks and use designated pathways to minimize traffic on the lawn during cold weather.

Winter Lawn Care Advice

Winter lawn care is fairly simple and always worth the extra bit of effort required to maintain your home’s yard. Use these tips this winter and give your lawn the extra boost it needs to stay healthy year round.

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